What we're about

We’re about creating the dopest, drippiest, freshest streetwear for the ones who stay never stopping. We support all those who are doing their thing and want to look fresh doing it. Artists, thrill seekers, auto enthusiasts and all things dope; our designs are creations that reflect a positive culture driven by change and progression. Whether it’s gasoline, obscene lyrics, urethane wheels, chromoly frames, all-temperature wax, fat caps or boom bap, it’s about our passionate pursuits and not letting anything stop you from leveling up. We are the Brixenauts.

Our creativity stems from a life lived doing the things we love, inspired by urban culture and a risk-taker mentality. Our work represents those who want to change the world around them through expressive and creative means. We tap into the sensation of making moves and doing it in undeniable style.


Our mission is to create and deliver only the freshest designs through apparel or other means; energized by all subcultures that we respect and love. To promote change through art, action and positive vibes. To inspire all Brixenauts by supporting those who challenge the status quo and never settle in their quest to be the best as a person and their passion. Change isn’t for everyone, but we know it will look good on you.

-Deto Brixen